Promoting Investment and Trade between the United States, Jamaicas and the Region
Local, Islandwide, Regional and Global Representation and Networking 

As a Member of AMCHAM-Jamaica, you are automatically affiliated to The US Chamber of Commerce, in Washington, D. C. (USCOC) and The Association of American Chambers of Commerce of Latin America and the Caribbean (AACCLA). These relationships provide you with unparalleled access to a vast network of companies which belong to 110 AMCHAMS around the globe; and to over 20,000 companies represented by AACCLA in the Region. 

AMCHAM’s guidance towards acquiring US Visas for business travel.

AMCHAM's MEMBERSHIP LISTING to aid your company's marketing and networking efforts

Hotel Discounts, at special Corporate Rates for AMCHAM members at many of the best hotels islandwide.

Member-to-Member Discounts, i.e. Use of US$5.00 Discounts at VIP Attractions Airport Lounges for you and your visitors.

Loyalty Rewards Programme: Opportunity to receive special discounts on hotels and other attractions through a rewards programme.

AACCLA / AMCHAM’s Premium Business Matchmaking Services locally; inbound to Jamaica; outbound to the region; and around the globe.

AMCHAM’S “President’s Breakfasts”: Are there CEO’s, or VIPS with whom you would like to have an informal get-to-know you session? Let us assist. This service offers you a unique opportunity to have an approximately 2 hour private and captive audience of 10-12 Business Leaders, with whom you can market your products and services. 

Complimentary ''Guide to Doing Business with the USA''​

AmCham / U.S. Commercial Office alliance: Get U. S. Trade Leads; information on new suppliers; and access to a virtual commercial library!
​ - Direct quotations for Purchase of equipment, parts, raw materials, supplies, etc. from US suppliers
 - Search for Joint Venture Partnerships
 - Investment Opportunities
 - Licensees
 - Agent and Distribution Opportunities

Keeping you in the know with Luncheons, Good Morning Jamaica Breakfasts, Seminars and Workshops on topics of importance to your business.

The Committee structure of AMCHAM enables member companies to actively participate meet other members other members and develop programs with the U.S. and Jamaican governments and support of favorable legislation on investment and trade.

Mailing Lists
AMCHAM provides an AMCHAM Membership Listing to all our members upon joining, and thereafter. You also can get lists of the AMCHAM’s of the Region, and around the world. Just ask us! 

AMCHAM's Quarterly “I-News” Newsletter keeps you up to date with AMCHAM activities and provides an opportunity to advertise your business. We offer complimentary promotion to new members via this publication. 

AMCHAM 25th Anniversary Membership and Investment Guide

AMCHAM Annual Hurricane Map (this year’s issue, which is now available, also contains information and tips with regard to Earthquakes.

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Mailing Lists




Presentations at AMCHAM Events

Workshops / Seminars

VIP Attraction discounts at KGN and MOBAY airports