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Cyber Security Seminar Summary

OSAC Cyber Security Seminar Participants,

On behalf of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC), I want to thank all of you who attended the cyber security seminar on September 17.  I am attaching the great information presented by IBM’s Norman John as reference material.  From the surveys you submitted, I’d like to summarize some key findings:

Overall Comments:

*         All companies should engage in a gap analysis of DPAI (Data, People, Application, & Infrastructure)

*         Tools and technologies are available to improve your company’s security posture – identify the key risks and cost/benefit for your business

*         Cyber Security must have “C” level commitment to receive the necessary resources and to instill the proper culture of security among all employees

Next Steps for your Businesses:

*         For Executives who attended –

o   Request input from IT team on how to improve your company’s cyber security posture, including internal procedures and training

o   Use IBM’s People, Data, Applications, Infrastructure (PDAI) diagram as a guide to determine how to optimize your company’s cyber security posture.

o   Arrange a meeting or presentation with outside cyber security professionals, such as IBM, with your IT team present

*         For IT professionals who attended –

o   Meet with your executive leadership to discuss possible gaps;

o   Provide a realistic assessment and a list of priorities to improve cyber security

o   Recommend a meeting or presentation for your Executives with outside cyber security professionals (IBM’s team have offered free consultations)

IBM - PDAI Optimizing Cyber Security Diagram
Lastly, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month. OSAC encourages you to continue the dialogue on cybersecurity within your companies, in your industries, and in Jamaica overall.

More information & resources

We appreciate the feedback about other topics that OSAC should consider in future events.  The OSAC Steering Committee will take these suggestions into consideration, as we aim to provide valuable opportunities related to the security of your businesses in Jamaica.  OSAC intends to organize 4-6 events each year.


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